About Us

I started this site in 2019 to share the experiences I made as a fresh owner of a German Shepherd Dog. There was a lot to learn and I have to say the information available is ok, but not always helpful to say the least.

With happygermanshepherd.com, I want to deliver factually correct knowledge that is still easy enough to comprehend – even if you are a first time dog owner. As I don’t consider myself an expert but rather write from the perspective of a normal pet friend, I sometimes ask for advice from vets and more experienced dog owners like my friend and contributor to this blog, Cris.

Happygermanshepherd.com is a resource for everyone who wants to own a German Shepherd Dog or already does. While I do care about all dogs and even cover topics for dogs in general, my focus is and will always be on German Shepherds.

Marvin – Founder of Happygermanshepherd.com

Apart from the advice I provide through our regular website content, you can always contact me via email on marvin[at]happygermanshepherd.com.