Best Harness for a German Shepherd Dog

A lot can go wrong if you own the wrong harness. If you like to control your dog in every situation, you not only need a well-trained dog, but also a good dog harness.

To help you find the best harness for your German Shepherd, we have created this buyers guide.

Why you would buy a dog harness for your German Shepherd

Compared to collar and leash, the harness can help with a pulling habit, offer more comfort, and simply look better.

The problem with a regular collar is the pressure it can develop around the thyroid gland, which causes injury and inflammation. The dog’s immune system then deals with the inflammation but at the same time destroys the thyroid.

With a proper dog harness, you will not encounter these problems. The leash is mostly attached to either the front of the chest or the back. Through the harness, the force is distributed more evenly and thus avoids problems like the one just mentioned.

The 2 types of harnesses you should know

Generally, you can identify two different types of harnesses.

  1. The back clip harness
  2. The front clip harnes

The back clip harness is absolutely suitable for smaller dogs. They do not develop a tremendous amount of force like your German Shepherd might, when it feels the sudden urge to pull.

With this kind of model, you can comfortably be walking around in public and know your pet will always stay under control. But this kind of model is not suitable for a German Shepherd Dog.

The reason is simple. With the way this type of vest is designed, it might encourage your four-legged friend to pull even more. So if you buy a harness with only an attachment for the leash at the back, it would be counterproductive.

On the other hand, a front clip harness, also called a no-pull harness, distributes the forces more evenly when your GSD suddenly starts to pull.

As the GSD likes to pull, you want to make sure not to risk injuries. So if you compare the two types of harnesses, you would want to choose a no pull harness with front attachment.

Hot to choose the best dog harness for a GSD?

We have just established which kind of harness is perfect for your GSD, but are there more things to consider?

You also want to make sure that the harness is

  1. Large enough to fit your dog
  2. Sturdy enouth to deal with the power of a German Shepherd

That means you do not want to buy the cheapest harness. The quality of the material will be worse than with a premium harness. In the end, if the harness lasts you years, it is always a better investment than a cheaper harness, that not only created problems all the time but also needs to be replaced early.

On top of that, there is the comfort of the dog. You do not want to choose a cheap harness, that makes your dog uncomfortable.

The perfect dog harness does not create gaps, pull or otherwise be an irritation for your four-legged friend. Also, a low-quality harness that doesn’t fit will create indentations on your dog’s skin – a situation that has to be avoided.

So you see, there are a lot of reasons to not go cheap on this one.

And while we are already at it, you will love the piece of mind; a high-quality dog harness will give you. To know you can trust the product is worth a lot to dog owners.

If your dog is still growing, make sure the harness is adjustable. Fortunately, most are.

Best Choice: ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness

This dog harness suits larger dogs like German Shepherds perfectly. You can easily adjust the size around the shoulder and chest area, which makes it comfortable to wear.

The quality of this harness is higher than that of most dog harnesses. Instead of cheaper plastic, they used metal for the buckles which are located at the shoulder area. This is known week point in many harnesses as the force your dog creates can easily create problems.

As the leash is connected to the front of the harness, a no pull effect can be achieved. So your Shepherd Dog will stay right beside you without you having to pull like crazy.

The construction of this product is very sturdy. The V-ring that lets you connect the leash with the harness can carry up to 1200lbs.

So that is why we consider this one a perfect fit for a German Shepherd. It ticks almost all boxes on our wishlist and with a little bit of training, walking your dog will be a breeze.

Make sure you get the right size for your dog. This harness is typically available from 18” to 44” girth.

Best Budget Harness: WINSEE Dog Harness

This dog harness comes in 3 different sizes from medium to extra-large. It supports a neck girth from 15 to 33 inches and can be adjusted at the neck and shoulder area.

Compared to the first harness by Icefang, this is a bit smaller. So while it might not be as robust, it is still a solid choice as it is made out of 1680D Oxford fabric which makes it sturdy enough.

This one is no pull and choke free – but in practice, you might have a different experience. If your dog is not too strong and impulsive, the mechanism with one ring at the front and one at the back to attach your leash distributes the force evenly and therefore prevents choking.

What we love about this are the reflective straps, which makes this harness safe for the night.

Best Luxury Harness: Dean and Tyler Viking Leather Dog Harness

While the first two options have been convenient and easy on the wallet, they did not fall into the premium category. But Dean and Tyler Viking Leather dog harness does.

This one is a dog harness that lasts a lifetime. With solid brass hardware, conchos made in Switzerland and Nappa leather on the inside, this is the Maybach of dog harnesses.

Available in medium to large and adjustable around the shoulder and neck area, it can be well adapted to your German Shepherd Dog. As this is made of real leather, it gives you a feeling of security and reliability which the first two harnesses simply could not offer.

But it is a bit heavier than the other products. This should not be a real problem though especially if your dog is a utility dog like a German Shepherd should be.

This leather harness will definitely stand out from all the boring leashes and collars. Considering the superior looks and excellent quality, you can’t go wrong (if you have the money to spend).

It outshines the nylon harnesses both in sturdiness and design, which is a strong selling point for dog owners whose wishlist encompasses more than just a harness that does its job.

Final Thoughts

There are many good harnesses for a German Shepherd. So you should think about if it is something convenient and inexpensive you are looking for, or rather something very robust that lasts a long time.

Last but not least, it is also a matter of budget. Can you afford to get a premium dog harness or can you only afford to pay a few bucks? But lucky for you, there are many options for everyone to select.

If you compare the different models, you will quickly see that the features are almost always the same, but where they differ is the choice of materials. A sturdy harness that’s padded with a comfortable material will not only last long but also offers comfortability for your dog.

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