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Don’t Buy. Adopt!

If you fall in love with a pup when passing a pet store and wish to take that chubby face home immediately it’s totally understandable.

But think twice because you don’t know what happens in that store after the door is closed. Most pet stores get the pups from mills where they abuse the dogs and treat them like producing machines. There is nothing “adorable” in that scene where they take the babies away from the mother dog to make a profit for themselves.

Adopt a Dog
Adopt a pup. Don’t buy

Now that sounds nasty enough to stay away from those places even though you might think you are saving the pooch.

There are more hard facts to make you, the lover of animals from heart, keep your steps off the breeders.

Possible reasons you don’t want to buy a puppy

•    The dogs are raised to be sold

•    They often live in unacceptable condition

•    They grow up in cages, not as free as they are supposed to be

•    It’s likely they are sick pups

•    Cages too small for multiple pooches

•    Breeders give them a stressful ride to the stores

•    They might come from a horrible home

•    Pooches are not happy as they are meant to be

•    They might get abused if they disobey

Most importantly, it’s less likely for a breeder to love what they sell off for money. I’ve seen a pet seller pick up the little woof without caring if he’s hurting the creature to show his buyers. And I’ve seen a breeder scold, and hit the dogs when some of them urinated in the cage.

Where to adopt a pup?

Pet stores and breeders are not the only sources of where you can find a loving baby dog. If you genuinely want a friend to share the home and moments, there are places you can meet your four-legged friend.

Local shelter

Rescued animals live here and wait for a parent to give them a home. The pups here mostly come from the street. They may be saved from sewage; some lost their mothers, many are abandoned.

Dog in a shelter
Dog in a shelter

Dog in a shelter

Shelters don’t sell pups, but they may charge you a fee for a valuable set of services including vaccinations, neutering, and maintaining the facility.

Some shelters may interview prospective pet parents to make sure they are responsible enough to provide the happy with a roof over the head. You may get to fill out some forms to clarify the background and so on. That way, the puppy will get a perfect family to spend his life with. You are not only creating space in the shelter but also rescuing a homeless pet.

Adopt a friend’s dog

Chances are you have a friend whose dog is pregnant. If the person is willing to give away pups to their acquaintances, you can ask to adopt one and offer to support the food and medication until the dog is ready to leave his mom.

Then, you know your new pup is healthy and happy before coming to you. And you don’t get to mistreat the dog like any pet store as well as giving them no chance to earn from the animal.

Don’t buy. Adopt!

It’s time to terminate the commerce of selling pets. If there is no demand, then there is no supply. You can play a role in not lending a hand for such a business to grow.

There are no words for the cruelness in a puppy mill, but why people are still buying from them? If we stop giving breeders money, they will stop raising pups for sale. But would we stop? Would you tell yourself and the people around you to stop?

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