How To Clean German Shepherd Ears

As you probably know, German Shepherds are a great breed of domesticated dogs that are loyal family pets and excellent watchdogs. They have big, upright ears, which are useful not only for hearing but to also get more air circulation than dogs with floppy ears; their ear ducts stay relatively dry, making them more susceptible to infection.

Having a German Shepherd can be fun, but sometimes there are responsibilities that are less attractive. These include cleaning your dog’s ears regularly. Although this is not the most pleasurable activity for a dog or its owner, it should be done for a happy and healthy dog. It is good to discuss with your veterinarian before cleaning your dog ears the first time.

8 Easy Steps To Properly Clean Your Dog’s Ears

Your vet will be capable of revealing safe cleaning procedures, recommend how regularly you need to clean the ears, and the right ear cleaning products for your dog needs. And when it is time to clean your dog ears, it will be safe to follow these 8 simple steps on how to properly clean your dog’s ears.

But first…

Examine your dog’s ears: prior to cleaning your dog ears, it is important to check the inside and outside of the ear for any signs of ear infections. The infections can be bacteria, yeast and fungi infections, signs to look out for are, reddening of the skin, Inflammation of any kind, discharge and oozing from sore or abrasion, excessively bad odor. If you suspect an infection or anything other than normal debris and dirty in your German shepherd dog ears, you should consult your veterinarian immediately.

Prepare your dog ears cleaning materials: There are four basic things you want to get set when cleaning your German Shepherd’s ears. The materials are: a veterinarian approved ear cleaner, cotton balls, gloves, and a small towel. You would also need an assistant to help you hold your dog’s head steady and its mouth closed. To clean your dog ears you can use these 8 simple steps:

• Ask your assistant to put one hand on the tip of your puppy to keep his mouth closed, and the other hand behind the head to keep the head steady.

• Wear your gloves and with one hand gently drags your shepherd ears out and up to open the ear canals.

• After you read the directions on the ear cleaner label, apply the recommended amount on the ear.

• When the ear cleaner is in the ear, rub the base of your dog’s ear in a circular movement. While this is happening, your assistant can praise your dog and calm him as this is happening.

• At this point, the dog often wants to shake its head to remove the liquid, so place the towel on the ear while the dog shakes its head to catch the liquid.

• Grasp your cotton ball and wipe off any fluid or debris from your dog ears.

• Have your assistant give your pup a treat and offer many positive encouragements.

• Repeat the process for the other ear, and after cleaning both ears, reward your dog with a treat again.

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