How To Groom A German Shepherd

Owning a German Shepherd Dog can be one of the most fun and amazing moments of your life. These dogs are good looking and royal pets. To maintain their good look and keep them healthy, grooming is very important. In addition to obedience training and adequate vaccine regimens, regular grooming is the key to caring for and enjoying your German Shepherd dog.

What Happens When You Groom Your Dog?

Grooming your Shepherd Dog helps to ensure that the oils in the fur are evenly distributed, which helps to prevent tangles and matting from occurring. It as well helps to remove loose hair and dead skin cells, which can clog the fur and eliminate the clean appearance. Just be careful not to scratch or hurt your dog’s skin while grooming. Use a combination of brush heads and brushes to be sure you tackle all parts of your dog’s fur.

How To Treat Your Dog’s Coat

When grooming your dogs you may want to cut their hair. You can use a pair of scissors to remove the long hairs that you see under the feet, as well as the stray hairs around the feet. If you want a fuller looking coat, you should brush the hair in the opposite direction and then apply a light brush in the direction of hair growth. You can also use thinning shears to give your dog a general neater appearance.

All through the shedding period, the normal shedding of a German Shepherd worsens. So you should consider using a detaching blade or a similar tool since you will need proper training before you can use a blade for detachment. When grooming your dog, you should use a metal rake to remove the mat around thighs and the chest. After bathing your dog, instead of using a hand fluff method, it is better to use a modern high-velocity dryer to remove excess water.

When bathing your German Shepherd, it is better to be selective when it comes to their shampoo because they can be selective as well. Oatmeal shampoo is an option, but it can make the material build up faster, meaning you should bathe your dog more often. If you don’t worry about fleas, a shampoo with aloe is a good one. By regularly using proper grooming techniques, you can always keep your German Shepherd Dog in a good condition.

Don’t Just Stop With The Hair

Grooming is not only limited to the dog fur but should also focus on the ears, nails, and teeth. When brushing, be sure to check nails and trim them regularly to prevent broken nails that occur when they are left unattended too long. If you are fearful of your ability to trim your dog nails or maybe you have not cut it nails since he was a puppy, take your dog to the veterinarian where the right method of trimming your dog’s nails can be shown to you.

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