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How To Stop A German Shepherd From Shedding

When you own a German Shepherd, it is essential to know how to keep your puppy looking cute and healthy. The sad fact about German Shepherds is that they shed a lot. But worry less because we’ve got you covered.

Cutting down the falling fur is usually the thing most people do, but there are some tricks you can try to maintain sanity when your puppy has excessive shedding.

Why And When German Shepherds Shed The Most

German Shepherds sheds all year through, but there are some times when the shedding is excessive. Sometimes it is because of health, so if your dog shedding is out of control, then it is a wise idea to see a vet for further investigation.

The coat of your dog responds to sunlight, and when it is winter time, your dog will naturally begin to grow in his winter coat. During the winter, the summer hair is being pushed out to make room for new hair. This is why it is very typical for a German Shepherd to shed more during the first few weeks of the fall season.

After the winter your dog will not need the winter coat. So when spring is approaching you will notice an increase of the amount of hair your German Shepherd sheds. This is usually called “blowing out” their coat, and it happens every spring season.

You should know that poor diet, allergies, stress, fleas, parasites, and pregnancy can also lead to excessive shedding.

Reduce German Shepherd Shedding Through Nutrition

If you like to reduce the shedding of your beloved dog, you should first of all consider to introduce proper nutrition.

If your puppy has had a poor diet, then it is time to improve the diet.

Provide your beloved puppy with a healthy diet and avoid cheap dog food, which is mainly made of ingredients that your puppy finds challenging to digest. Dog food that has meat as its main ingredient is the best food for your dog. They are easier to understand. If food is more comfortable to digest, it will improve the overall health condition of your dog, which may, in turn, prevent shedding. Invest in your puppy and buy something of quality. Remember to keep it in mind that the shedding will not go away completely.

Add olive oil to your puppy’s food.

Olive oil contains omega-3 fats, which usually calms inflamed skin and improves the overall coat texture of your dog. Almost every pet store sells this vital nutrient, and you can buy and give your dog. Start by giving it one teaspoon, which is equivalent to 5 milliliters per 4.5 kg of body weight. You can also find these omega three fatty acids from things like tuna, salmon, or any other type of fish.

Treat your puppy with human food from time to time.

Sometimes feed your dog with some bananas, apples without seeds, cucumbers, and lean meat. These are foods that have nutrients that will help your dog stay shiny and smooth and of course, reduce shedding. You should be careful as you feed your dog human food, feed it as fewer times as possible as sometimes the human diet may be harmful to your dog. The amount of human food you should feed your German Shepherd should be between 5 and 10 % of all food. Also make sure that before giving any human food to your dog, it is not harmful. You can check that list at the American society for the prevention of cruelty to animals.

Make sure that your puppy has access to clean, fresh water at all times.

Dehydration is pretty bad for dogs; it will lead to dry skin, which will lead to shedding. If the dog is not drinking enough water on her own, you can incorporate the water in her meals. Make the dog food contain at least 78 percent of wet food, and the rest can be dry food if you notice your dog is not having enough water.

Reduce Shedding Through Grooming

After adapting the nutrition of your GSD, you should heavily consider to groom your dog with the right tools. Learn how often to brush the fur, how to de-shed the right way and how to wash your four legged friend.

Brush your German Shepherd every day.

Brushing your dog every day can help remove excess and lose fur as well as redistribute the oil in her skin to her coat. Make sure to use rakes because rakes are made for dogs with long hair. Shepherds have long hair so having a rake, especially the one with pins which are almost the size of your dog’s fur is necessary.

Before the beginning of spring, use de-shedding tools.

De-shedding your German Shepherd right before the spring makes sure that the winter coat falls off.

Give your regular puppy baths.

The loose hair will fall in the tub, which is much better than it falling on your furniture. Bathing your puppy can be a tricky business as over washing her will cause even more shedding! An adult German Shepherd needs to be soaked like 5 or 6 times a year. As long as you are brushing your dog regularly, wash him when it’s necessary. Like when he is stinking or when he was playing outside, and he is full of mud.

Kill the fleas!

The fleas will make your dog to scratch unnecessarily which will cause the hair to fall. A German Shepherd who is free of fleas will be, in most cases free of dandruff and irritated skin.

Grooming Mistakes To Avoid

There are a few mistakes dog owners often make which contribute to excessive shedding.

• Grooming your dog inside the house or on dry ground.
• Brushing matts the hair of your dog.
• Ruining the skin underneath your dog.
• Avoid using ineffective tools when grooming your dog.
• Avoid grooming your dog when it is lying down.
• Avoid starting with the line of hair growth.
• Avoid grooming your dog far too rarely.

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