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How To Stop A German Shepherd Puppy From Biting

German Shepherd puppies are a joy to play with since they are fun and active. The problem with some of these puppies is that they do bite. Many people online have been complaining and asking questions like why do Shepherd puppy bite a lot? This problem appears to be out of control, and most people don’t know how to stop the behavior in the right way.
You don’t have to worry anymore.

My goal is to help you guide your amazing puppy through the biting stage without getting a lot of biting scars. Let’s take a look and see how you can do it positively.

German Shepherd Puppy Biting Is In The Genes

If you have a young German Shepherd puppy, then you must have noticed that the puppy is particularly nippy. These puppies do love anything that moves fast, can be balls, garden critters but unfortunately, to other puppies, your hands or your pants can become a target. As soon as you move your hands, your puppy will try to catch it. This is something that is like programmed in their genes, and controlling it can be a little bit tricky.

Knowing where your puppy has initially been bred will help you with your efforts to control biting of your German Shepherd from biting.

How To Stop Your Puppy From Biting And Nipping

If your puppy is biting because it is teething, then that is no big deal. But if this problem becomes out of control, later you can try the different ways of stopping your puppy from biting.

Say no.

The Shepherd puppies are smart, and they can learn from body language, signals, or voice commands. For example, you can make your puppy know that biting is unacceptable by stopping playing with him if he bites, and it might help him understand biting is not good. Also if your puppy bites, you can just say ouch and after that pull your hand from her mouth then tell her No. it might take some time, but surely your puppy will learn.

Put your thumb under your puppy’s tongue.

If the first method doesn’t work, then you can try putting your thumb under her tongue. Every time he bites do that, and it will make him understand if he bites, you will put your thumb under his tongue, which makes him uncomfortable. Repeat that every time he bites, and he will get the message.

Pinch his neck.

If putting your thumb does not work, then every time he bites, remove your hand and pinch him on the neck but not too tightly. He will be able to figure out that the pinch means no.

Be consistent.

Being consistent is the key to stopping your puppy from biting. Repeat these methods several times, and I guarantee your success. Be a leader as well as a friend to your dog. By pinching or putting your thumb under her tongue, you will be doing your puppy a favor.

Reward him if he stops the biting.

As I already told you, German Shepherds are very smart. She will understand what you want her to do and what you don’t. If she follows your vocal commands, then make sure to reward her. By treating him, your puppy will appreciate no biting, and that behavior of biting will be controlled.

Don’t do this when you are trying to teach your German Shepherd to stop biting:

  • Don’t use physical punishment or yell at your puppy when you are training her. Shouting or yelling will give your puppy attention she is seeking, and instead of stopping, you will encourage the behavior.
  • Don’t jerk your foot or hand away. Your GSD is quickly excited, and so shaking your hand away will seem like a new game you are introducing.
  • Don’t create negative feeling and tension during the play time. The goal is not making your puppy stop playing with you; the goal is encouraging her to play gently.

Be patient and understand your puppy is in a phase and so biting is perfectly normal. It can be challenging, but you will survive. I did it with my puppy. Why can’t you?

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