The Perfect Crate Size For A German Shepherd

If you have decided to get a crate for your Shepherd Dog, you might first want to double check the dimension of the crate. What size for a German Shepherd Dog is optimal and do you have to change them according to your dog’s age?

So let’s talk about the right size for a German Shepherd’s crate.

The recommended ideal size for most adult German Shepherds crate is 48″. If your puppy is young, you can buy a crate with dividers to make sure your dog has sufficient space to stretch and sleep.

Is The Same Crate Suitable For A Puppy?

Buying a size that is too large will encourage your dog to use the extra space to relief and will hinder bowel control. You want to use a size that is large enough for your dog to sleep and for your dog to feel comfortable. If you make use of a small crate, your anxious dog will squirm and bark while it is in the crate.

Getting a crate with dividers lets you adjust its size to the size of your dog. Also, make sure your German Shepherd Dog feels at ease by placing a dog bed inside, and when they are overstimulated, you may have to get a crate cover to create a den-like environment.

While the normal size of a dog crate for a German Shepherd is 48″, in some instances you could also get a 42″ crate. However, for most adult GSD, this will be too small.

More Things To Consider Before Buying A Dog Crate

Apart from the size and the necessity of a divider, you should also consider the ventilation while shopping for a German Shepherd crate. Shepherd Dogs like to stay cool during the hot season and you should always take that into consideration when buying a dog crate.

I would also suggest to keep your dog crate in a particular spot and don’t move it around to help your pup familiarize itself with the crate and its surroundings. This will make it easy for your dog to adapt to the environment.

Put some toys inside the crate to help make crate training successful. Your puppy should have fun and be comfortable while inside.

German Shepherds are wonderful dogs and they deserve the best treatment from their owners. You can do this by making sure they are well cared for by giving them a suitable crate.

A Crate Is Not A Prison

Some people think that putting a dog in a crate is cruel. At first glance, this makes sense as dogs are pack animals by nature. They like running around with companions showing they still retained some characteristics and quality of their ancestors.

But this includes the fundamental need of living in a den. Don’t worry if you put your pet in a “cage”. The crate looks like the shelter of a little den. In a natural background, it is a shallow hole, narrow channel large enough for him to turn around, stand up, and comfortably lie down and be sheltered from predators.

Currently, your dog sees you and your family as their running pack and the crate as a private space that gives the protection of a small den. So you should definitely provide your GSD with a maximum level of support and protection.

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